Who to Blame: Comments

Thomas Dabbs
When told just to "be himself" before a job interview, Dabbs commented, "well, that gets me down to 17 choices." With some help from misguided volunteers, Tounanbu is staffed mostly by the 17 people within.

None of these personalities will take the blame for anything because they all met and decided that it is far more satisfying to blame others outside the group for things gone wrong.

Please feel free to comment but understand that we at Tounanbu follow British pub rules (even though British pub rules are often not followed in British pubs), and we wish to avoid heated spats over politics and religion. We're always up for civil discussion on any topic, but inflammatory comments with be removed by a moderator.

Should you have a complaint about this site, we encourage you to put it in writing and send it to a major multinational corporation, to an ultra wealthy person, or to the government of the country you live in.

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