Genesis in Japan

Genesis in Japan: the Bible beyond Christianity, by Thomas Dabbs, rises from a journal of reflections that Dabbs had while teaching the Bible to Japanese university students in Tokyo. Dabbs' book was release in August 2013 by the Texas Review Press in 2013.

Ron Rash, author of the critically acclaimed novel, Serena, says of Genesis in Japan that "Dabbs uses his experiences in Japan to delve into the complexities of faith and doubt. He is a true pilgrim, a searcher for 'the signs that are not there and the signs that are.'"

Celebrated author, George Singleton, says of Genesis in Japan that "Dabbs hath ventured into the Wilderness armed with Answers, and returnethed mostly unscathed, armed with Questions. Or at least different--and better, sane--answers. Genesis in Japan should be required reading in America. I wish I’d’ve had a copy of this great memoir to knock upside the heads of many people--friends, relatives, and strangers--throughout my life. Self-effacing and scholarly, hilarious and poignant, Dabbs offers a brilliant portrait of culture-curious Japanese students under the tutelage of a well-meaning, patient, and increasingly-baffled professor."

Religious writer Hal W. French, author of Zen and the Art of Anything, says Genesis in Japan is "an exciting adventure into cross-cultural communication. His task of teaching Biblical material to a class without a modicum of awareness of Biblical assumptions is daunting, but in his engaging, self-deprecatory fashion, he enters into his hearers’ world, and questions his own relation to the texts and to Christianity itself.”

Dabbs' Shakespeare Seminar
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Dabbs is a professor of British literature at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, where he has
taught Shakespeare and the English Bible since 2003. Prior to this position Dabbs taught at Hiroshima University. He is a native of the state of South Carolina in the USA.

Dabbs is the author of Reforming Marlowe and other articles on Shakespeare and on general literary topics.