Digital Humanities in Tokyo

On October 12th, 2014, Dabbs presented a paper at the 53rd Conference of the Shakespeare society of Japan. His paper was entitled, 'As You Like It: A Work Sample in Digital Reconstruction.' This talk probed into EEBO and other digital search platforms that one can use to place Shakespearean scenes within the context of the popular consciousness in London and specifically in Paul’s Cross Churchyard during the early modern period. Paul’s Cross Churchyard was located on the northeast side of St Paul’s in London and was the commercial centre of the bookselling industry. 

Also, with its outdoor preaching pulpit, it was frequently a type of theatre ground, much like the Globe and other public amphitheatres nearby. Dabbs examined digital technology on two levels: the first was on how to connect existing hard copy research with digital reconstructions. The second was on how examine the Virtual Paul’s Cross Project and other digital resources to show how they can be used in Shakespearean research. The focused on several themes in 'As You Like It' and gave a small sample through digital reconstruction of how themes and, indeed, individual lines from the play echo the popular print environment of Paul’s Cross Churchyard during the years just prior to the performance of the play.