The 10th International Milton Symposium

The Faithorne Milton
The Tenth International Milton Symposium or the IMS10 was held at Aoyama Gakuin during August of 2012. The primary organizers of the event were Professors Hiroko Sano and Thomas Dabbs.

The symposium featured plenary talks from top scholars in literary studies, and a number of impressive panel papers on Milton's work from around the globe.

Professor Sano deserves the lion's share of the credit for a fine and memorable symposium. She found the funding and coordinated the programme. She also initiated the production of the Noh play Samson, and the fine concert, "Milton and Music."

Dabbs contributed by establishing a web site and managing the international contacts for the symposium. He also helped to set the programme.

Sano and Dabbs also presented papers at the symposium.

The symposium could not exist without the continuing support and supervision from Thomas Corns of Bangor University. His plenary talk is here.

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