Peter MacMillan

Peter MacMillan
Peter MacMillan is an Irish national and world traveler who is a long-term resident of Japan. He is a man of extraordinary talent: an artist, a print maker, a poet, and an intellectual whose interests are far ranging. For some years now, he has focused on the Japanese arts.

In 2008 and 2010, MacMillan's translation of the One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each or Hyakunin Isshu was released by the Columbia University press. Donald Keene says that this translation "has restored the importance and beauty of a collection of poetry too often dismissed as merely 'pretty.' This is by far the best translation to date." 

This work has also received fine reviews from Time, The Japan Times, and other prominent news sources. 

Sun and Moon and Fuji: 
Sony Building, Ginza
Recently MacMillan has had his print art on display, in a magnificent manner, at the famous Sony Building in Ginza, Tokyo, where, in January of 2013, his designs were featured on the main floor, and advertised by a most prominent print that was placed on the side of the entire building.

The theme of this exhibit is the sun and the moon and 36 views of Mt. Fuji. The exhibit is stunning, and many pieces explore poignant political themes of global concern.

Peter MacMillan teaches at Kyojin University, Tokyo, and lives in a beautifully restored Japanese house in Kichijoji.