George Singleton

George Singleton is an American short story writer, novelist, educator, and animal rescuer. His celebrated narratives feature sidelong satirical glances at Southern culture with hilarious spins on misguided folks trying to find their way in a strange and helpless world.

Singleton is a long-time friend of Tounanbu, and we are delighted to feature his work here. For starters, please consult his latest book of short stories, Stray Decorum. Also don't miss his corpus.

Singleton says of Genesis in Japan that "Dabbs hath ventured into the Wilderness armed with Answers, and returnethed mostly unscathed, armed with Questions. Or at least different--and better, sane--answers. Genesis in Japan should be required reading in America. I wish I’d’ve had a copy of this great memoir to knock upside the heads of many people--friends, relatives, and strangers--throughout my life. Self-effacing and scholarly, hilarious and poignant, Dabbs offers a brilliant portrait of culture-curious Japanese students under the tutelage of a well-meaning, patient, and increasingly-baffled professor."